Getting rid of unwanted hair has become easier now. You can wax, shave, pluck, and use hair removal creams. But all these methods do not give permanent or long-term results. Your hair will grow back after a few days, and you need to repeat the process every week. That is why laser hair removal and electrolysis have gained popularity over the past years. Both the methods give long-term, if not permanent results.

But the question is, which method to choose? If you are facing the same dilemma, you are not alone. Read this article to know a detailed comparative evaluation of both processes.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe hair removal process that uses electrical current to destroy hair follicles. It gives a more permanent result, and the hair does not grow back.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal uses high-powered laser light to damage your hair follicles. The light produces heat that burns the cells. But, it does not remove your hair permanently. The hair may grow back after some time, but it will turn thinner and lighter with each session.

Electrolysis and Laser hair removal: Which one is better?

Both the processes effectively remove our unwanted hair, but they have some distinguishing differences. Based on these differences, you can judge which technique will suit you the better.

The procedure

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method for permanent hair removal. Only a certified dermatologist can perform this treatment. During electrolysis, a probe will be inserted under your skin for sending electric current. This current will damage the hair follicles permanently. Thus, there will be no further hair growth.

For laser hair removal, a high-heat laser is used on the hair follicles. When the laser light is applied to your hair, its pigments absorb the light. Then, this light turns into heat and destroys the follicles. In this process, several hairs can be treated at once. So, if you want to remove the hair from a small area, it will be done within a few minutes. But, the result is not permanent.

Chemicals used

Electrolysis is a chemical-free process. Only electrical waves are used to damage your unwanted hair cells. But laser hair removal involves chemicals when numbing cream is applied before the treatment. This cream has some toxins and harmful chemicals. 

Only when laser removal is done without any cream, the process becomes chemical-free and safer. In this way, Laser hair removal is better than Electrolysis. Thus, without any second thoughts, you can go for laser hair removal technique.

The effectiveness

Electrolysis is suitable for anyone. Whatever color of hair you have, or the thickness of your unwanted hair is, this method will remove all your hair permanently. You can use Electrolysis on every part of your body as well.

Laser hair removal is appropriate for people with dark hair. When you have dark hair on fair skin, the laser easily finds the target area. Moreover, the pigments of your hair absorb the rays. So, if you have light hair, the laser will not be absorbed in the first place. After the treatment, there will be less growth, and the hair strands will look lighter in shade and thinner.

Required number of sessions

For both treatments, the number of sessions depends on the target area. For Electrolysis, you may need one session each week. As it damages each hair follicle permanently, the treatment is thoroughly done. Sometimes new hair growth is detected between sessions. 

If you are treating a large area like your leg, it will require more sessions. But once you are done, the result is permanent. The laser hair removal usually takes 6 to 8 sessions. Each session is done once a month. Gradually you will see thinner and lighter hair. If you feel content with the results, you can visit twice a year for maintenance.


Electrolysis has fewer side effects. You may feel inflammation after the treatment, which will go away naturally. In rare cases, the needles cause infection. Laser hair removal has side effects like skin irritation, redness, swelling, and change of color. 

Moreover, you have to avoid sun exposure for six weeks before and after the treatment. It will save your skin from tanning. As your skin will become sensitive to the sunlight, you have to use sunscreen. 

The cost

The cost of Electrolysis is lesser than laser hair removal. But when you use laser hair removal, you need 4 to 8 sessions, but with Electrolysis, more sessions are required.


These are all the differences between these two treatments. Now, you can judge which one is better for you. Depending on your expectations, you need to choose the best method for yourself. When performed under certified dermatologists, both methods are equally effective and safe. So, consult with your doctor and make the right decision.