Do We Need To Count Macro Nutrientsfor

This is a question that all body builders ask when they start working out. Many questions regarding this matter arise such as which foods should we eat and which foods to avoid. And how to balance out our macro nutrients?The answer to this question is “YES”. Body building is a serious sport(if you want to call it that).

It’s a life style and everything counts. You must know what is going inside your body. Sure you can’t count all the macros, but keeping a rough estimate helps you know where you stand.Many people dismiss this topic and just say “eat like a beast”. But those people lack that detail of muscle definition that makes everyone turn their head for a second look at that chest or bicep.If this wasn’t so important then why is diet also considered an important aspect of body building. Why do they bother saying 100% dedication in gym and 100% dedication with diet!You must have knowledge of what is going inside your body to get the physique of your dreams! You can’t get a lean physique by eating fatty foods. Everything must be calculated.

An ectomorph requires more macro nutrients to grow rather than a meso or an endomorph. So having a calculated diet plan that fits your body’s required macros is a must! Thus his macro nutrient intake will be very different from that of a meso or an endomorph.While a meso or an endomorph can gain muscle mass by following a high protein and low carb diet. Same can not be said about the little old ectomorph. He needs a good balance of Protein, Carbs and healthy Fats in order to get the physique that he wants!This is where the importance of counting your macros come. Without knowing what is required by your body and HOW MUCH of that is required, you can not make them gains or loss that fat. The right macros will give you much better positive energy compared to junk food.For example, when i eat a pizza before working out I feel very lazy and heavy while working out.

Rather than when i eat a calculated meal which contains a specific amount of Proteins and Carbs. I feel much more explosive and want to destroy my workout! And my mind is much more alert.Just remember Body Building is a game of Inches! And every inch counts!! In order to get those inches you have to eat the right way!A balanced and calculated diet plan that has a balance between your macros will get you the results that you want, rather than wasting time eating junk and feeling bloated and heavy in the gym. Be smart and eat healthy!And most of all listen to your body! You will know what is required to get them #Gains!

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How To Visually Identify Your Body Fat Percentage And Motivate Yourself At The Same Time

Your body fat percentage can be a great goal and marker of progress because let’s be honest, most guys train to get a lean ripped body and look muscular. So the less fat you have the more defined your abs are. But what exactly does having a certain percentage of fat look like?

To measure your body fat percentage there are many ways and calculators and most of them aren’t very accurate. When you think about it, what’s the goal of measuring your body fat? It’s not to assign some specific number, it’s to have a goal and measurement of how you want your body to like like. So it makes sense to know how a specific percentage of fat looks like. That’s why comparing visually your own muscular definition with the look that is known to have a certain body fat percentage range is quick, easy, fun and useful.

I’ll use a wonderful infographic from Athlean-X’s Jeff Cavalier:

Just by looking at the pictures above you can really tell if your own body looks the same way, which will tell you in which percentage range you are. And more importantly you will see how far you still have to go and what you can expect when you get there. It really simplifies the way you look at your goals and motivates you to keep going.

A bit on the body fat percentage ranges:

  • 35-40% is a morbidly obese range and you really don’t want to be there as all you can see on your body is fat.
  • 25-30% is also not the rage you’d want to be in also as that’s considered obese in males and you look all soft and round.
  • 20-24% is where the average guys are. You don’t look unhealthy and you can see some muscles but little to no definition.
  • 16-19% is where some definition starts to show but not much, you may have love handles in this range.
  • 13-15% is a pretty good range that can be defined as fit and you can already see some abs.
  • 11-12% is a good range to be in where you can see a decent amount of muscle definition but those abs are only ripped in the correct lighting and make up.
  • 8-10% is where most guys want to be – there’s a lot of definition, your abs are clearly visible in any lighting, and it’s the classic beach body.

  • 5-7% is a difficult range to maintain and it’s where the fitness models try to be before photo shoots.
  • 1-4% is the range of bodybuilders during competition. It’s not really a healthy state to be in and extremely difficult to maintain. You probably don’t want to get there unless you are a bodybuilder who competes.

So there you have it, check out the infographic and try to pin point where you are now, see how far you still have to go and what you will look like when you get there.


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