All about Shoulder Workouts

Protection is the very first thing that you must consider in living in the world today. With so many chaos and misunderstanding there will always be war and conflicts. With that you should protect yourself from danger. There will be instances that you will be involve accidentally in a situation that requires fighting back for survival. So you need to learn self-defense. You need to be healthy. You will need to be strong physically.

Having said all these, it is not a joke for you to defend yourself if needed especially if it requires physical strength. You will need skills and much strength and energy particularly in your upper body. Men usually uses the upper body to fight and to punch. If the upper body is weak especially the shoulders, it will be difficult to save yourself from danger if ever.

Shoulder Workout

Aside from supplements that can help you gain muscle and strength, there are also exercises to help you achieve much strength for your shoulders. Supplements are just aid, exercise is a major factor to develop strength and vitality.

If you are a beginner, there are basic shoulder workouts for you to try. But before doing the exercise, you should first know how does your shoulders function and what are its parts. Our shoulder has three main parts: the Anterior Head, Middle Head, and Posterior Head.

Shoulder Composition

Anterior Head functions as the flexion and medial rotation of the whole arm. It is located at the front portion of the shoulder girdle. To maximize its use, you can do Barbell Shoulder Press to strengthen it. Middle Head on the other hand functions as abduction. It is the middle or side of the shoulder. To strengthen it, do Dumbbell Side Laterals. The last part is the Posterior Head which functions as the extension and lateral rotation of the arm. To develop it, do bent over the dumbbell rear, delt raise with head on the bench.

The Workout

Now that shoulder composition is clear and also its functions, you are now ready to try some of these exercises for your shoulders. This sample workout would be very beneficial to you. This workout includes Barbell Shoulder Press. This should be repeated for three sets of 4-6 reps. Then 3 sets of 12 reps for One-Arm Side Laterals. After that are 3 sets of Front Plate Raise for 12 reps. Take note that you should hold the plate for three seconds at the top. To complete this first workout, you should have 3 sets of Lying Rear Delt Raise for 3 sets also but for 15 reps.

If you want to gain strength on your shoulders to fight against evil and to defend yourself, you should try this workout at home or at the gym. Good luck for you adventure!

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Weight Lift Or Cardio To Lose Weight

The main purpose to lose weight is to burn off the fat and look great. So, which method is better? Lift weights or cardio exercises? My belief is a mixture of both with a lot more emphasis on cardio.For many guys, they will only attempt to lift weights thinking that that is all they need to lose weight, build muscle, and look great. Well, they are all wrong.

I, myself, and many others I have talked to have been down this road. To build muscle, you are lifting heavy weights and doing low reps to basically tear the muscle so that it can rebuild itself bigger. This low rep process does not do much to “burn off” the fat. The other thing is that the fat tissue actually lies above the muscle tissue so myself and the others I have spoken with built bigger muscles but we actually looked fatter and gained more weight. We already had our fat weight but we gained muscle weight, which is actually ok if the fat went away. It is actually not unusual to lose fat, gain muscle, gain weight from all the muscle weight and still look good.

Think about all the sports where the athletes are toned but not too muscular. Some that come to mind are water polo, soccer, gymnastics, and boxing. What do all these sports have in common? Lots of cardio type exercises. With water polo, swimming is a great exercise, especially when you are doing laps. With soccer, you are basically running non-stop and doing lots of lower body exercises. With boxing, you are doing lots of footwork and upper body exercises.You have to realize that all these exercises, lower body or upper body, has to do with doing high amounts of reps and low resistance. This is how you “burn” the fat and tone your body.

Think about boxing type exercises like using the punching bag. You are doing lots of footwork simulating that you are in the ring with another person and you are continually punching the bag over and over again. You are not putting any weight resistance on your upper or lower body but you are exercising your body.The other good thing about all of these cardio type exercises is that it increases your metabolism. Having a high metabolism rate actually helps to keep the fat off. However, occasional cardio exercises will not achieve this. You have to do regular cardio exercises to make an impact on your metabolism rate.The last bit of item to consider is, of course, your diet. A balanced diet can really move things along faster if you are doing regular exercises.

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The Best Isolation Moves To Target The Evasive Upper Chest Muscles

So you’ve been working out diligently–and making great progress! It’s evident you’ve gained impressive core strength and your muscles are looking more and more chiseled with each passing day… except for the upper chest, which seems to be lagging and undefined.

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Ah, the upper chest. You’re not alone; it’s a problem area for many people. The pectoral muscles are often extremely hard to isolate, because the triceps are also used in almost all chest exercises. These tend to carry the brunt of the lifted weight, which unfortunately means your chest muscles don’t get the strength-building exercises they truly need.

So how do you target the upper chest muscles? For those new to weight lifting, it is important to remember that the upper pectoral muscles often completely ignored since there is a strong tendency to focus only on the flat bench press. While this is a great strength exercise, it primarily targets the middle and outer portions of the pectorals. If you want a defined upper chest, you have to give that area the attention it needs–and balanced growth is key. This is accomplished by keeping your exercises varied–so mix it up.

The Close-Grip Bench Press is a great place to start. Simply lie on your back on the top of a flat weight bench, with your feet evenly positioned on the floor in front of you. Grip a barbell with your hands close together–about six inches apart is a good starting point. Now lift the barbell rack above your chest until you are able to straighten your arms. Slowly lower the barbell until it meets your chest, and make sure you keep your elbows close to your sides. Then extend your arms and return to the starting position. Starting off, try to accomplish four sets of eight in this particular exercise.

Another great isolation exercise is the Parallel Bar Dip. Start out by gripping each parallel bar with your palms facing inward. Slowly bend your elbows and lower as far down as comfortably possible. Energetically press up with full force, and extend your arms to return to the starting position. Again, try to accomplish at least four sets of eight.

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You can also work on isolating the chest muscles outside of a traditional gym setting by practicing Wide Arm Pushups. Begin by getting into a normal pushup position, and move each hand a couple inches outward. Then, bend your elbows outward while keeping your body in a straight line. Slowly return to the starting position. Once more, strive for four sets of eight.

Keep practicing these simple exercises and you’ll begin to see results in no time!

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