Corporate Partners

We thank our corporate partners. Without their contributions, our efforts would not be possible!

TriActive America

TriActive AmericaHolding true to its name, TriActive America has created a line of fitness equipment and outdoor exercise products that are carefully crafted to the specifications of experts in kinesiology and physical education. Whether you’re seeking a number of fitness stations for a fitness trail that cover all three areas of fitness or one or two pieces of cardio or strength or flexibility exercise equipment for your own home, TriActive America‘s staff wants to meet your needs. TriActive America donates outdoor fitness equipment for our outreach programs.


The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) educates fitness professionals in a variety of disciplines, including personal training certification. NESTA promotes the Get America Fit Foundation to its members throughout the U.S. In special circumstances, NESTA works with its members to provide fitness training and health education in various areas of the U.S. NESTA donates a percentage of all its sales to the GAFF.

Wexford University

Wexford University provides students with leading edge practical knowledge and skills that set them apart from others. Our degree programs prepare graduates for highly successful careers in the health, fitness, nutrition and sports psychology fields. Wexford University repowers students to achieve their professional goals, improve productivity in their organization, and provide leadership and service to their communities. Wexford provides educational materials, research and donates a percentage of revenue to the GAFF.