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What is the Gold Ambassador program?

Our mission is to educate and inspire all Americans to live a healthier and happier life through regular exercise and lifestyle enhancement.  This mission is only possible with the help of people like you who will join arms with us and spread the word about healthy living and a regular fitness routine. Join us and help us reach our goal of 100,000 Gold Ambassadors who will make the difference in America. When you become a GAFF Gold Ambassador, you are immediately transformed into a pro-active person who is taking a vital role in enhancing the health, fitness and well-being of all American’s.

What do I receive when I become a Gold Ambassador?

You will receive a full series of our official Fitness Facts & Figures educational PDF documents with all the official markings of the Get America Fit Foundation.  These documents can be printed and distributed to friends, family, members of a club or group. Many Gold Ambassadors use the PDF documents on their website or blog to improve website interaction, educate their visitors and add value content to their website.

Some of the topics include:
Gluten Facts
Heart Disease & Exercise
Exercise & Immune Function
Improving Exercise Adherence
Improving Health and Relationships Through Exercise
Osteoporosis  & Fitness
Type 2 Diabetes & Lifestyle Choices
Bullying & Childhood Obesity

More documents are added to the library for your use each week. You will be given continual access to all the materials.

You will also receive you choices of the official GAFF Gold Ambassador Seal you can display on your website, fitness facility or place of business. The images range in size from 200 pixels to high resolution which can be used in print materials.

Your Press Release

You also receive a turn-key press release which you will simply add in your name, contact information, etc, You can then post to blogs, social media or syndicate locally or nationally to build your brand and benefit from your partnership with GAFF.

You will also receive the Gold Ambassador Newsletter once a month to inform you of new FREE educational materials that are available to you, and our current outreach. You will also be kept informed about new ways you can join with GAFF to make a positive difference. You can opt-out of this email newsletter if you chose at any time.


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