It is the mission of the Get America Fit Foundation (GAFF) to stop the alarming and detrimental trend of obesity in America (especially among children) by providing fitness and recreation equipment and education to underfunded schools and communities in America. Through fitness and improved self-esteem, we want to eliminate bullying related to obesity.

We feel that an active lifestyles through physical fitness increases self-esteem, decreased national healthcare costs, and enhances quality of life for all those in the communities we reach.

It is our goal to provide sports and exercise equipment, and install enough playground and outdoor fitness equipment in America, to positively affect the lives of 1 million children and adults by the end of 2015.

Increasing Public Awareness

GAFF has made it a top priority to increase public awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle and embracing overall wellness. By working with teachers, community leaders, and NESTA fitness professionals, GAFF will attain its goals of making a big difference for generations to come. You can also increase public awareness and education by becoming a GAFF Gold Ambassador.